Johnny Rockets Launches in Karachi

Pakistan is getting ahead as far as brands and franchises are concerned. That goes for designer brands as well as food. Years back all we had was Mc Donalds, KFC and Pizza Hut. Subway and Nandos for the niche market. In the past few years we have seen so many food trends; like the rise of the Cupcakes, Frozen yogurt and the most preferred: Burgers. Many local and international burger joints are popping up almost every other month it seems.

One super addition, however, was a delight for the authentic burger loving locals of Karachi. The All-American Franchise Johnny Rockets recently launched in Dolmen Mall, Clifton. The evening was filled with music, dancing waiters and highly entertaining, desi-looking Elvis Presley's (Its funny how every character shrinks in Pakistan, be it Elvis, Winnie the Pooh or Dora). Other than the Classic-American Menu of food bursting with flavor, Yummy milkshakes with twirly straw and other delicious options, Johnny rockets creates an atmosphere that uplifts any mood with it’s decade spanning music and dancing, happy servers.

I am not a 'Burger" person. I prefer chicken nuggets or maybe some Haleem. However, I did try the Vanilla Shake and a bite of their classic beef burger that was being offered. The vanilla shake was really good. I was glad that there was no watery after taste which is the usual issue I find in most places. It was thick and consistent and didn't have any artificial Vanilla taste either. As far as the burger is concerned I liked how fresh the bun was and the beef pattie was cooked just right. It was not hard, well cooked and juicy. I should warn you; if you are expecting the typical, chatpatta, cheese loaded burger like most joints are offering then this is not your piece of burger. The Johnny Rockets Burger is 'Authentic' so think before you sink your teeth in one :)

Jonhnny Rocket's Franchise has been brought to Pakistan by Hamdan International. The anticiapted launch's ribbon cutting was done by the US Consul General, Mr Michael Dodman along with Mr Munavar K. Ahmed and Mr.Usman Qadri.

The Price is a bit on the steep side but food lovers may find a way to deal with that :)

The overall event management was done by Reactivate while the PR and Media was handled by Take II.

Many familiar faces were spotted like Ayesha Tammy Haq, Tapu Javeri, Khursheed Haider and more.


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