Beauty Bloggers Meetup - Chit Chat and Chai

Planning something with Pakistan Beauty Blogger's Community led to a very exciting meetup. The recent Beauty Bloggers Meetup was not a huge gathering, compared to a lot of international meet ups, but it was successful. We intend it to be bigger in the future, but it's a great start.

First of all a BIG thankyou to Rabiyah (co-founder of PBBC) for putting this together with me :)
Rain tree Spa was generous and sweet enough to be the lovely hosts for the PBBC meetup.
Photo Courtesy: Rabiyah of PBBC :)
Many of us were meeting for the first time. It's interesting to put a face to a blog. It becomes more intimate.  The evening started with the formal meet and greet. There were 9 of us which was a good turnout considering there are not many active bloggers in Karachi.

  1. Rabiyah of Rabeeyah's Blog
  2. Nida of Glitter Smitter
  3. Naimal of Peachy Pout
  4. Marium of Marium Says
  5. Jadirah of Jasmine catches Butterflies
  6. Rakshanda of The Fashion Personal
  7. Shaheen of Cherry Cross
  8. Cenam of Cenamz Blog
Meet and greet turned into blog stories about fake bloggers, Pr companies, Blogging basics and horror stories of stalkers (yes even bloggers have some of those!). While we were chit chatting we got free Nail finish treatment from Rain tree Spa. Lubna, the owner, joined us as well and shared delightful stuff about rain tree's background, makeup and hair.

First drinks then tea was served, while we all chatted some more and munched on goodies. The homemade carrot cake was a winner (unfortunately we were too busy indulging in it and forgot to take a photograph :/ )

We also had a lucky draw. Three lucky ladies won a free blow dry by Rain tree spa :) See Photos below!


We all had brought a little something to swap or sell from our makeup collection and when all the stuff was placed on the table you can only imagine the excitement :) We are Beauty Bloggers for a reason...anything related to beauty excites us! I Swapped my goodies with Nida and Rabiyah (blog coming up next on the review of those).

It was a fun meet up where we all connected. The main purpose was to share knowledge about blogs and also to encourage unity an support amongst bloggers. Last but not the least we got goody bags with yummy cupcakes, gift vouchers from and a 25% Discount voucher from Rain tree Spa. I am definitely coming back for a Mani-Pedi here!

Goodie Bags with Cup Cakes and
discount vouchers from
Rain tree &

Magnetic Nails from Rain tree spa


  1. wow what a lovely meet up! I really want to go to one in the UK!

    1. Thanks Laura! If I ever visit UK I shall Meeet up with YOU for sure :) I do hope a meet up happens near you soon!

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    1. Freya you and Laura should get in touch then ;)

  3. Aww it's great to see you all, I can sense how much fun you all had <3

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams

    1. *thumbs up* yes we did!! :) Thanks for the comment

  4. Great post. Look at us all near the beauty products :D x

  5. All of you look superb.The drinks look so yummylicious :P Lovely photos :)

  6. That looks like it was sooo much fun! Wish we could find more Florida bblogger so we could do something like that! :)

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  8. looks like you guys had lots of fun
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  9. That should be a perfect meeting! everything in your pics is super cool!
    love ypour blog, so aim your newst follower.
    see u soon in KS

  10. lovely post! I really like the pictures :)

  11. Great pictures! look like you girls had a lot of fun:) delicious food and drinks!

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    Nice meeting you!

  13. great post!
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  14. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Hope there'll be one in Lahore too soon:) x

  15. Seems like all of you had a wonderful time.

  16. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing! :)


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