STILA and DMGM - Velvety Lips

Muah! Thats what I feel like doing. Give some flying kisses like a diva when you wear great lipstick. I honestly do feel fabulous with lipsticks, my favorite cosmetic item.

When I got Stila's stay all day liquid lipstick I was excited as well as doubtful to try it out. Like most "Long Lasting" lipsticks and Lip glosses I didnt want this one to be disappointing. It was STILA...being disappointed by this brand will be a major heart breaker for me because I have heard amazing reviews about it.

I had tried a couple of other long lasting lip brands but was not happy. I tried Revlon Colorstay Ultimate lipstick in Top Tomato and felt like I had applied glue. My lips kept sticking to each other. The shade was nice (cant beat red!) but super uncomfortable :/ So for a couple of weeks (literally) I used to take out this product, stare at it and then put it back! hehe. Then came along a wedding and that was an ideal event to try this Lippy.
Creamy when Applied
Velvety when dry

I honestly just applied it ONCE and didn't need a touch up. In fact when I came back home and washed my face the lipstick was STILL ON. Had to scrub it with makeup remover and i still had tinted lips till next afternoon :) I ate, drank, washed and it didn't come off. I had it on for 6 hour without a smudge!

The liquid lipstick is highly pigmented and creamy and leaves behind a less matte and more velvety finish which I LOVE. The colors are rich and bold and the creamy texture makes it easier to apply. It didn't dry my lips either which was my biggest concern.

STILA products are not available in Pakistan (so far that is what I know) unless you get them ordered. I was lucky my aunt just gave it to my sister who passed it to me (feeling so grateful!)

So this particular product is actually for $15

Now you guys are in LUCK because I found a product similar to this one! Yaay! DMGM PHOTOFIX is a great alternate...maybe even better. It has all the qualities that Stila Liquid lipstick had and is available at most cosmetic shops. I got mine at VICKY's Cosmetics in Defence, Karachi for Rs.950.

Wearing DMGM here
Wearing Stila Fiery 

I actually prefer DMGM over Stila as I used it more and it has some pretty great shades available. I got Fuschia Bite for myself and Plum Frost for my momther (She wont let me try it cause she is saving it for Eid!lols). I plan to buy Coral Cameo as well.
The Stila shade I have is Fiery.

Go get some velvet lips for yourself ladies and while you are reading do join the following WEEKEND GIVEAWAY:

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Hope you enjoyed the post and GOOD LUCK to all who are entering the Giveaway. 
Deadline is 31st of July 2013.
*Only for Pakistan.


Red Alice


  1. Bright lips are your thing ;) and dmgm is fortunately one of brands easily available in my small town so don't hate me if you see fuschia bite on my blog . Hahah .

    1. I share stuff on my blog so you all can get it too lovely!! I will never hate you, I will be happy! it has GORGEOUS shades you have to try Coral Cameo as well :)

  2. Hayeeee I love love love and want stilla one.

  3. These look gorgeous on you! Glad to know you found a dupe which is even better! :D x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. :) yes its really cool though I love the rich shades of Stila a lot as well! Love the name of your Blog!!

  4. Such gorgeous colors and they definately enhance ur beeauty MA :)

  5. So pretty n Beautiful! It so flirty.! This two is one of those shades I was most excited to see swatched, it has very high scores which means that I’m definitely trying it! Perfect color and finish!Loved it I am your new follower and love to read ur post :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. WOW! That is something tempting. I will definitely check DMGM one next time x

    1. DO that and let me know what you think :D

  8. Replies
    1. Natasha khalid here, since for some weird reasons it wouldnt comment from my wordpress account,

  9. I tried the DMGM one last month and it was an instant love! Looks pretty on you :)

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams


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