Essie Nail Color Obsession hits Karachi

I am literally sneezing while writing this. Heavy head and runny nose. How I HATE Summer flu . . . atishoo!

But no no, that will not stop my love for color and makeup and all yumminess!

ESSIE just launched in Karachi. Yippee!

Even though I ended up late at the Hi-tea event for the Essie Launch at Olivetto it was worth it.
A bit of info on the brand for the ones who don't know: Essie is a 30 yr old famous nail color brand which is known for its color range as well as whimsical names (of colors). Its a highly preferred brand of many celebrities like Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce', Madonna, Oprah Winfrey and even Kate Middleton.

Essie Weingarten, Founder and Global Creative Director of Essie founded the brand in New York in 1981.

P.S: Essie is a brand of the L'Oreal Group.

"Essie isn't an Ordinary brand and it isn't just nail polish. I wanted the colors to have a personality of their own and for women to treat them as their new best friend" - Essie Weingarten

The basement was setup for the review and introduction of the brand. The overall decor was fabulously done with Nail bars and lit up Essie filled shelve.It looked very fresh and modern and went with the brand personality. Looked like a Chic Fashion Cafe. The set up was done by Amina Rashid.

There were tables lined up with delicious looking drink with a dessert table looking divine. Job well done with the delicious drink by Olivetto. Didnt get a chance to try out the dessert (thou tempting I am not touching these devils).

I got my nails done in Candy Apple and Trophy Wife:
Trophy Wife
The Olivetto Cafe itself was reserved for High tea and also setup according to the Essie theme.

The launch was a delightful experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

The initial introduction of the brand was presented by Sadia Shah, General Manager, L'Oreal Professional Products Division. A lot of ladies (and lads) who are renowned MUAs were spotted at the event. Saba Ansari of Sabs, Shammal Qureshi of TONI&GUY, Meher Najeeb, Peng Qureshi, Redah Misbah of Depilex, Angie Marshall, Hina of Blush, Nida Rizki, Shaheen Raheem, Ruhana Iqbal, President of the Pakistan Hair and Beauty Association, Altaf, Mona J, Sehar Farrukh, Shaheen Saeed, Shehla Poonja and Ujala Zia of The Dressing Table. Celebrities like Ayesha Omar were also spotted.

The Pr was handled by Lotus PR & Marketing. The Best part of the launch were the cute giveaways.
Everyone got to take really nicely packaged Essie boxes with a cupcake and a surprise Essie Nail color. The one I got was called A-List ;)

Essie colors can cater to everyone with there diverse range of colors. I like how they say that they can be worn 'from the bedroom, to the boardroom, to the ballroom'. It's renowned for it's renowned 'No-Chip' properties which I tested and approve.

Essie will be available in all leading stores all over Pakistan!

I will end this blog with something that even I like saying, just like Essie:
"Color is my Obsession"

Red Alice


    ps mint candy apple is SO DELICIOUS

  2. aaahhhh! u got ur fav red ;)

    1. YES!!! Isnt that Awesome!! A sweet coincidence indeed!

  3. I loooove the giveaway box! Wish they'd hold one like this in India :( Or maybe I've lived under a rock... hope you get better soon though.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Feeling MUCH better now :) I am actually using the box for my Jewelry now hehe! Super practical. I know How you feel. Blogging has just boomed in PK and there are times when I am just drooling over Lakme products because they are not available here :/ Sigh!

      Just followed your blog! Will go through it more later :)


    2. Hehe followed you back! I have recently begun liking Lakme more than Maybelline and Revlon - definitely more pigmented lippies and shadows and better packaging. They should just pull out of the drugstore segment and classify themselves as higher end; that'll pull in the snob-buyers.

    3. Yea thats what Revlon did recently. It was not that expensive and consider a medium brand but they have put themselves into premuim brand.I love experimenting with Makeup and not just for TOP brands only. I even tried out some fake brand of nail colors and they were awesome. Check here:

      I do hope I can get Lakme here...will look up onlne!

  4. you look adorable with the bright lips and love the goodie box. seemed llike a fun event :)

    1. Thankyou :) I prefer bright lips most of the time. Even if its sleeping :P hehe
      YES the goodie box was gorgeous and the experience was amazing.

  5. Can you please tell me where I can buy essie in karachi?

    1. Its definitely available in Agha's and Ebco as far as I know and Most places. Also try Scentsation in Dolmen MAll CLifton and FArid's in Ocean Mall


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