Men's Fashion Week: It was D-Raining Men

This Last week of May was a long one. Starting with the draining Men's Fashion week on Monday 27th of May 2013.

I didn't know what was more frustrating; the thought of going home with no electricity due to the recent Load Shedding Trend (thanks to Shareef Brothers) or the heart wrenching Men's wear designs that were showed on the ramp at the Karachi Fashion Week - Men's Fashion 2013.

The Event was by Triple E (Pvt) Ltd, Choregraphy & Sanity by HSY and Styling by N-Gents.
I am not going to write in detail about each and every designer but I shall breakdown the Good and the Bad because there were, surprisingly, good things happening despite the Craziness and the Nausea.

Bad news should be given before the good news to soften the blow, no?

The BAD:
  • If the polite front stage management and the social media (Movie Shoovy) team was not taking care of us Bloggers we would not have waited for 2.5 hours for the show to start. 
  • There were enough seats available to play musical chairs with and at one point I was even tempted. 
  • We had to wait for approximately 2.5 hours before the show actually started on the first day. I heard it was better the second day but because the 'Management' killed it for us on the first day it was a surprise people showed up the next day or maybe it was just because of HSY. 
  • The Clothes, with just a few exceptions, were not made for men, or at least not the kind of men I think are around. They can certainly be worn by men in hiding or women 'Pretending' to be men.
  • Apparently the models were working for free and were not taken care off (water and food was scarce or non existent).
  • A lot of media people and guests didn't attend the show due to PR mismanagement and invites sent at the last minute (or not sent at all). Leading Newspaper, other than Dawn, were missing in action.

Cringe worthy Designs:

Yahseer with his Sprinkled yogurt looking collection, though there were some OK pieces in between but still too much color for manliness.

Shanameh kay 'Karnamey' looked promising when they began but the clothes became to too effeminate to be called Men's wear. 

Shab's Creations were even beyond SHABBY. I don't know if it was hunger (had not eaten anything all day) or the clothes that made my tummy grumble, but the clothes were definitely giving me aches. WHY would you torture men by making them wear this? and a bigger WHY would you call this men's wear?
The most ironic part was that this specific collection was sponsored by "Just for men"! *cringes* 

  • Front Stage Management & Social Media Managers
  • Spacious Venue (unless it looked spacious due to less guests?)
  • HSY (Seriously! I think the event would have been an EPIC fail otherwise)
  • Styling by N-Gents
  • The Models working for free (hats-off to them for enduring all the torture)
Note Worthy Designer:

HSY 'The King of Couture' was the only reason why a few celebrities and media people even attended the show. He saved the show, literally.

Bonanza brought back the decency as well as some 'manliness' in the event. Hallelujah! 

I was not able to attend day 2 but Movie Shoovy was sweet enough to send me photos and give me report so I could review the show all together. I honestly didn't feel bad missing Day 2 though. The event was a forced effort to push Men's Fashion in Pakistan. This idea could have taken men's wear to the next level, but it took it to a completely off direction of Awfulness!

So much for Eye Candy! Boohoo I had nightmares all week! Understanding effortless Fashion is hard but not impossible and much needed by most of the designers that showed there work in the Men's Fashion week. One doesn't need to be a hardcore fashion critique to see bad design from the good.


Red Alice Rao


  1. Hi maliha thank you for being a part of KFW- Men's Fashion it was pleasure having you on board, I would like to make some correction here;
    *The models were paid and were provided lunch and dinner.
    *Media: We had magazines and newspapers including Dawn, Tv chanels and international media aswell

    1. As per my information from an individual who was in your choreographer's team and does not want to be named
      the models were not paid and were starving and thirsty all through rehearsals and show days.
      Only 12 senior models are paid, where as there were 37 models in total. I can put this exact information instead if you want.
      Plus I agree you had TV channels and Dawn and even desk reporters from other Newspapers but Most Leading Fashion Journalists and critics were missing in action.Maybe they didnt choose to come themselves? On Day 1 I didnt see Muniba Kamal (Instep), Andleeb Rana (Xpoze), Zurain Imam, Moiz Kazmi, Mohsin Sayeed, Iram Noor Muzaffar (You) or Aamina Isani.

    2. P.s: Staying Anonymous also says a lot ;)

  2. I agree; the menswear was pretty much not a successful event considering how the collections were not filtered stringently enough. Furthermore if one has fashion week like FPW showcasing menswear shows, and if designers are not selected they just need to work harder rather than going off n doing up another 'week'. The time management definitely had issues and had us waiting for quite a bit. A show suppose to start at 7, beginning at 9.30! Also no media reps as such were present on the occassion either and the reason most of them cited was that they were sent the invites on the day of the event itself! when it should have been a week or days earlier.

  3. Well a little birdy told me the models were paid, those who didn't got through the by getting laid ;)
    True Story because sorry to say with those faces and walks. I would rather ask me my Pathan guard and sweeper to become a model.
    As for your comment about effeminate. Darling those clothes were for trannies and crossdressers on the streets.

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